Healing In His Wings

Ted Burns is on his way to California with a friend and his wife and two children.  His mind is in a turmoil and his heart aches every waking moment because he left his baby daughter on the steps of the Orphanage in Pryor, Oklahoma with instructions that Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Hunt could adopt her.  He was glad his friend waited until he saw they picked up the basket and took it inside before they left. The Nation was in such a terrible state with people losing all they owned and there seemed no way to care for his daughter by himself without a home or money to meet her needs.  He knew Dr. Timothy and his wife loved children and would take good care of her, but he condemned himself every waking moment for leaving her.  He suffered much heartache and trauma going into the fields, but he met a young lady and her father who gave him an insight into God's love.  It was there, with the help of Virginia and her father, that he had his eyes opened to God's love and forgiveness.  Her father died in the fields and he took the responsibility of taking care of Virginia in a time when the world was turned upside down.  Because of his character a man from a large ranch offered him and Virginia a job on his ranch, with housing and pay.  They were married and he began a search to find what happened to his daughter.  Dr. Timothy and Letty brought his daughter to their home on the ranch and he found the healing his heart needed, as well as his daughter's love.

"But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings."      Malachi 4:2.