What Time I Am Afraid

Letty, her sister Oprah and baby sister Lucy are on the train going back to St. Louis to stay with dear friends and her family.  Their mother had died and the children were stranded with strangers in Bolivar, Missouri until their brother finally received the letter their mother wrote him about their plight and came to take them back to St. Louis. On the train Letty is noticed by a handsome man, but in the rush to see family, she failed to get the young man's name. He could not forget her and looked her up; they corresponded and fell in love.  He was doing his internship to be a Doctor in the St. Louis Hospital and she decided to be a Nurse.

After they married a man came from an Orphanage in Pryor Oklahoma, looking for someone to be the Administrator of the Home.  After much thought and prayer they decided to take the job.  While there the depression hit the Nation and dust storms made life miserable many days.  Dr. Timothy treated the farm people and on one of these visits he and Letty delivered a baby girl to a young man and woman, Ted and Sherry Burns.  The mother died and the young man lost his farm a few days later.  Desperate; not knowing how he could care for an infant by himself - and grieving for his wife, he decides to leave the baby on the door-step of the Orphanage with instructions they can adopt her.  Ted Burns leaves with a family for the orchards in California with much inner turmoil and pain.